Contact any of the board members through;

President – Joshua

1st VP – Marc

2nd VP – Erika

Secretary – Anna

Treasurer – Bruce

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact a current board member.  Position descriptions are as follows;


  1. Responsible for Chapter & Board of Director leadership
  2. Chair monthly meetings
  3. Appoint chairpersons to committees as necessary
  4. Represent Chapter at International Board of Director (IBD) meetings, including the Annual Meeting
  5. Attend annual HTCIA International Conference                       
  6. Coordinate with Board of Director’s dates for Chapter meetings, special events, Chapter conferences, and other events 
  7. Keep Membership informed via email and telephone calls of issues and interests relevant to Chapter Members        
  8. Solicit input from the Members on how to make the organization more effective and to increase HTCIA Membership
  9. Send a welcome letter to new Members

First Vice President

  1. Responsible for Membership activities
  2. Stand in for the President when he/she is not available
  3. Two-year commitment
  4. Coordinate Chapter speakers and venues for regular meetings (along w/Secty)
  1. Venues should be set at the beginning of each year and should be scheduled months in advance
  2. Should have a backlog of speakers at the ready in the event of last minute changes
  1. Assist with other duties as assigned by the President and/or Board of Directors
  2. Attend annual HTCIA International Conference                       
  3. Automatic succession to Chapter President

Second Vice President

  1. Responsible for training and events
    1. Coordinate, plan and execute all training events for Chapter
  2. Manage marketing, collateral, and PR for Chapter
  3. Manage website for Chapter
  4. Chair and Manage annual Chapter events (i.e., Holiday events, BBQ, etc.)
  5. Recruit and mentor student Members and Chapters
  6. Assist with other duties as assigned by the President and/or Board of Directors


  1. Oversee Chapter Administrative affairs
  2. Ensure compliance with proper meeting decorum (Robert’s Rules of Order)
  3. Manage new Member application process: conduct basic research on applicant’s eligibility for Membership; obtain Chapter Board approval; communicate approval/denial to International Chapter for final processing. Add new Member to Chapter listserve or grant website access. Ensure all new Member applications are processed within 14 business days.
  4. Keep and maintain records of Membership for the organization and facilitate communication between Members and the organization.
  5. Maintain email server (Chapter listserve); ensure that Members are kept updated and remove outdated information.
  6. Management of monthly Chapter meetings: Communicate monthly meeting announcements to general Membership, collect RSVP’s, print & manage sign-in sheets for meetings, take & distribute meeting minutes after approval from Chapter Board. After Board approval of meeting minutes, send to Chapter’s webmaster for posting on the website.
  1. Send meeting details to Chapter webmaster for updates on the website
  1. Maintain order and security at Membership meetings
  1. Meet and greet Members and Visitors
  2. Ensure compliance with Membership ID requirements
  3. Issue Visitor Badges and Temporary Member Badges
  4. Maintain Member Non-Disclosure Statement Record
  1. Is a Member of Chapter’s Executive Board and in addition to monthly general (Chapter) meeting, must attend board meetings when they occur.
  2. As a keeper of records for the organization, the secretary will be asked to periodically prepare reports and notices for use by Members and the executive board.  These include, but are not limited to: ballots, sign-in sheets for meetings, mailing lists, mailing labels, invitations, etc.
  3. A common point of contact for Members and non-Members as well as other HTCIA Chapters seeking information about the organization, requests for applications and other questions that arise.  The Secretary will have to return phone calls, make referrals, and send out desired information by email, fax, and mail.


  1. Oversee Chapter Financial affairs
    1. Pay Chapter bills in a timely manner
    2. Balance Chapter checkbook when bank statement is received
  1. The checkbook acts as a cash disbursement journal – no double entry accounting system is used.  It is a simple method, not requiring the use of a computer. 
    1. Remain alert to any potential imbalances or shortcomings and alert Chapter Board immediately if any issues arise
    2. Initiate or help manage any audits as necessary
    3. Prepare a monthly financial statement to Members at the Chapter meetings
    4. Prepare annual budget and present to Members
    5. Prepare annual tax return
    6. File Annual Financial Report with International prior to January 31
    7. File Bank Account Declaration Form prior to January 31
    8. Ensure that bank Signature Cards are returned to the International Office in a timely fashion