Training & Meetings

Tuesday, May 18th at 10 AM

Cyber Threats to State, Local, Municipal, and Tribal Governments

This will be a virtual event via Microsoft Teams and held jointly with the Washington State Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA / The meeting’s focus will be cyber threats to state, local, municipal, and tribal governments. The talk will discuss the major threats we see across our agency; then, ransomware experts discuss their experiences in dealing with malware infections. Though the primary focus is on governmental entities, the talk will be valuable for all of our members.

We encourage you to invite representatives from both your IT and finance staff if you deem it appropriate.

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Wednesday, July 21st – A forensic look at UAV forensic analysis

Date: July 21st

Time: 10:00 am

Online registration link to be posted soon.  

Description: The use of Drones is rapidly growing and expanding into criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations and news feeds are continually reporting on crimes being successfully prosecuted where UAV forensics has been instrumental in placing someone and something at the crime scene.  Correctional Facilities and deployed militaries are now also dealing with UAV’s on a regular basis and creating a new branch of digital forensics. This session is designed to introduce the investigator into the world of Drone Forensics and gain insight into the types of evidence the examiner is likely to encounter.

Speaker: Rob Attoe, Spyder Forensics

Speaker Bio: Rob has almost 2 decades of experience developing and presenting training on Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensics, and eDiscovery education programmers for the global digital investigations community. As a long term member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Rob instructs regularly at the association’s annual conferences and is a lead instructor for the Advanced Windows Forensic course as well as regularly presenting at the premier international digital forensics conferences such as High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Department of Defense Cyber Crime, F3 Annual Workshops and Internet Crimes against Children taskforce. Rob has contributed to digital forensic publications and is a subject matter expert to various courses for the ATA program managed by the State Department in the USA. Rob continually develops solutions to identify and report on new forensic artifacts on emerging technologies which he shares on open and closed forums.



2021 Training Dates Pending

Locations and speakers to be announced as the information becomes available.