Training & Meetings

Thursday, April 11 – Vehicle Systems Forensics

Time:  11 AM to 12:30 PM

Where: 500 Southwest 39th St, #155, Renton, WA 98057

Brendan Morse – ARCCA

Vehicle Systems Forensics is an exciting new technology that can be used to reconstruct accidents and fight fraud, including suspect stolen vehicle losses, arson investigations and more. It offers a new look into the actions of vehicle performance & driver interaction with the digital world inside a vehicle. Vehicle infotainment and telematics systems store vast amounts of data such as recent destinations, SMS messages, call logs, favorite locations, contact lists, emails, pictures, audio, social media feeds and, if equipped, navigation histories. Many systems can even store when/where a vehicle’s lights were turned on, when/where a door was opened/closed, when/where Bluetooth devices were disconnected, and odometer readings with date and time histories.

Other Tentative Training Dates

Thursday, June 6

Thursday, Sept 5

Thursday, Nov 7

Locations and speakers to be announced as the information becomes available.